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The Belgian Draft Horse - Large and Black

As the name implies. this breed originated in Belgium. Back in the medieval times, the center of Western Europe became well-known for the large black horses known as "Flemish". These are the horses which carried the heavily armored knights into battle. By necessity, only the largest and strongest of this breed were trained as "chargers" or "destriers".

  • 7 Nov 2017

Developing The Bond Between Man And Horse

The relationship between man and horse is an enduring one. But dealing with animals is always easier and more enjoyable when you have empathy and understanding. To be able to relate to horses,you need to understand their pychology, in order to anticipate horses' reactions you have to understand how they think and why they behave in certain ways.

  • 17 Oct 2017

Choosing the Best Bit for a Young Horse

When starting a young horse, (or when riding any horse for that matter) the two most important and influential pieces of tack are in my opinion, the saddle and the bit. The saddle is important for obvious reasons, but the bit often seems to be overlooked as being an equally important piece of equipment.

  • 20 Oct 2017
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10 Nov 2017
Posted By Stan K.

Does Your Horse Need Supplements?

Most people are fond of feeding their pets; some people know how to elaborate a very complex diet when choosing a Puppy Food. The horses are no exception when it comes to their feeding because every owner will try to conceive the best diet ever. He will try to sprinkle the horse diet with different types of supplements, herbs, minerals and other nutrients.
4 Nov 2017
Posted By Homer L.

Caring For Your Horse During The Winter

When you care for your horse, it is important to make preparations for the winter months. Horses need to be able to tolerate the cold weather and stay as healthy as possible. During the winter horses will have special needs which you as the owner will have to address. It is important to prepare for winter in advance. Horses are naturally tolerant to cold weather. In fact, horses handle cold weather much better than hot weather.
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5 Nov 2017
Posted By Sophia M.

Choosing the Right Stud For Your Lady

So now you are sure you want to breed your bitch, having thought carefully about all the financial considerations you are now ready to think about what kind of a mate you will want for your bitch. Of course in an ideal situation; you will spend a great deal of time - and put a great deal of thought into the sire you choose. In reality however it's more likely that you will be swayed by convenience; either geographical or financial.
8 Nov 2017

GoPro: Chilean Horse Rescue

On his 21st birthday, Rafael Pease went out to ride some fresh powder in Chile. His plans changed when he found a stranded horse stuck in the snow and he ...

31 Oct 2017

Meet My New Horse "Moon"

I'm so happy to have this beautiful mare! She's an 11 y/o Andalusian TB Cross, she's not very big, she measured at about 15.3hh, she's only about an inch taller ...

28 Oct 2017

Amazing Galloping Horses 1080p HD

With All Musics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kDW7cPYHXk I don't own the copyright of any audios and video clips in the video. Thanks for enjoying it ...

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